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Ruched scarf pattern

Ruched Scarf

Knitted Scarf that is gathered along the center forming soft V shapes.  It’s worked along the length of the scarf, but in small sections - making it easy to set aside and pick up when you have time for knitting.  


I used Full O’Sheep by Stitch Nation for the example,  but any medium weight yarn should work.  

Approximately 300 yards + a small amount of contrasting yarn.

Size 10 needles or size that works best with your yarn.  I prefer circular over long straights even though this project is not worked in the round.

Size J crochet hook

Guage really isn’t important

Cast on 160.  If you want it longer or shorter increase/decrease in multiples of 10.

Knit first row

Start the pattern.  Although the scarf is worked lengthwise, it’s also worked in little sections along the length.  For the pattern you’ll never be working with more than 15 stitches at a time.

knit 10.  Ignore the rest of the stitches on the needle and purl back across those 10.  Work in Stockinette stitch for a total of 12 rows

You will now have a section worked in stockinette stitch separated from the stitches on the other needle.

on row 13 of this section continue across picking up 5 stitches from the ones waiting to be knitted.  Knit 15 across instead of 10

Row 13 of the previous section becomes row 1 of the new section.  

On row 2 of the new section you will dump off 5 stitches from the first section, leaving you with 10 working stitches to purl for your next section of stockinette stitch.

From this point on you will be ignoring the stitches left from previous sections as well as the ones not worked yet.
When the stockinette stitch totals 12 rows (including the two that formed the section) it’s time to start on the next section.

Again on row 13/1 knit 15 across instead of 10

On row two of the new section purl back across only 10, leaving 5 of the previous section unworked.

continue working in this pattern

Row 13/1 - knit 15
Row 2 - purl 10
Row 3-12 work in stockinette stitch knitting odd rows and purling even rows.

As you progress you’ll see little sections of 5 stitches that are from the sections you’ve already worked.

Work pattern across the entire length of the scarf.

when all the stitches have been worked the last row 12 becomes a little different.  Instead of only doing 10 stitches, go all the way back  across the entire length of the scarf.

knit one row the entire length of the scarf

The pattern on the second side will be the same except that odd rows are purl and even rows are knitted.

Start with
purl 10 and work a total of 12 rows of stockinette stitch.

On Row 13/1 Purl 15 across
Row 2 Purl 10
Row 3- 12 work in stockinette stitch

as the pattern is worked along this side of the scarf you’ll see v-shaped ruffles form.  The end will turn making a rounded v.

After all stitches have been worked into sections k one row back across and then bind off.

One end is nicely rounded. One is open in a v shape

Sew the v shut to help the ends match.  It won’t be exact, but it will be pretty close.

With contrasting color chain 250.  Slip stitch down the length of the chain. Fasten Off
On the scarf the pattern leaves symmetrical holes along the center.  

Weave the length of crochet  cord. in and out along the length, up one side and down the other.  Gather the scarf slightly to make the cord fit.  Secure the ends on the underside of the scarf.

With a yarn needle and some scrap yarn, tack the rounded ends up a little in the middle to create a neater end.

Weave the ends in and enjoy!

This pattern is (c) 2013 by Stacey Lynn. All rights reserved.  Please do not redistribute in any form, written or electronic without giving me some credit.  Any items made from this pattern are yours to keep, give or sell.  After all, you did the work.  

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