Free Patterns - Crochet


Baby Booties with Gathered Strap

Easy Mary Jane Booties

Ladybug slippers

Tidal Pool Baby Blanket

Market Bag

Tara's Hat

Easy slippers in two styles

Dragon Scales Pouch

Fortune Cookie Scarf

Cotton Thread Bolero

tulip dress

Lacy Scarf

rocket booties

chunky snowflake scarf

Crochet Heart Bib

ripple infinity scarf
Hippo booties

Textured baby cloche

Santa Hat Ornament

7 Petal Flower


  1. I like all of these but right now looking for baby booties for grand daughter. due in August

    1. Congrats on the coming grand daughter!

      The hippos are adorable in pink. :-) I've done light pink soles with a darker pink top for little girls. Also the basic booties are fun to do in a rainbow of colors. A popular item at craft shows has been when I've made 7 pair, each in a different color. One for every day of the week.

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  3. You have featured the most wonderful things that's been made by the means crocheting that made me admired all of those the most. That Crochet Heart Bib is very attractive. Actually, I don't have any skills in terms with this crocheting matter, but I learn how to appreciate those nice works, that's been done by people who has a very good talent when it comes to crocheting, just like you. Good job! You have impressed me so much.