Saturday, December 21, 2013


Today is my birthday and that's when I start MY new year, so it's also the day I start my resolutions.

Here are mine

1. 1000 miles this year walk/run  A little less than 3 miles a day
2. 1000 miles this year bike/elliptical  a lot easier than the running one
3.  100 hats created and donated to charity  See tab above for my progress
4.  Beat my booking streak  Currently my longest streak is 4 months with at least one gig a weekend
5.  1000 hours of physical activity  I resolve to sit less.  3 hours a day isn't much to be up and moving
6.  Half Fanatics
7.  fill up my quarter bottle  I only filled it up 25% of the way last year and was still able to buy a plane ticket with all those quarters
8.  Visit Seattle  Never been there
9. Use of 50% of my yarn stash WITHOUT replacing it.  Perhaps the hardest on on the list
10.  Eat out once a month or less
11.  Make someone else happy every day - even if it's only for a moment or two.

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