Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bottlebrush Art Scarf

Like the poppy scarf this one is designed to be hung as art or worn as art.

You can follow the full progress at and I'll put a tutorial for the bottlebrush flower up soon.

This is the photo that inspired me and the original start to the bottlebrush flowers.  I have changed the size on those several times.  

This is where I'm at

I have finally decided on the flower size and today I added the path that represents the Monterey Recreational Trail.   I'm loving the way it's coming out.  The background was worth all the time since I love that stitch.  It took nearly 20 hours and 700 yards of theread.

Real Tips and Tricks

Friday, February 19, 2016


The sunflower can be worked in any yarn/thread.  Just use the hook appropriate to your project.

Chain 6 and form into a loop

20 half double crochet in loop  

2 half double crochet in each stitch.  You can chain to for the first one or pull up a long loop - depending on your personal style.  You will have 40 stitches at this point

break off brown yarn and switch to yellow

2 single crochet in the first two stitches 
*then chain 8
single crochet in the next 4 stitches 
repeat from * around. 
When you get to the last one you will only have two stitches remaining, but add the first two in and you've got 4.   

this will make 10 loops for the petals.  Each loop is separated by 4 stitches.  

petals are made by 
half double crochet
8 double crochet
chain 2
8 double crochet
half double crochet
slip stitch in between 2nd and 3rd single crochet on the brown circle. to anchor the petal. 
do that 10 times and you'll have a flower

break off, weave in ends, block etc.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

South KC Stitch & Bith

  Come craft with us on February 27th from 1pm - ??

Angela's Book Orphanage
Hwy 71 South in Grandview, MO

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Poppy Scarf and Sunflower Scarf

Both are ready to have the ends woven in and to be blocked.

the poppy scarf took close to 50 hours and has 227 pieces.
the sunflower scarf has 66 pieces and 29 hours invested in it.

you can see the progress pictures at

Monday, November 9, 2015

Botanic Explosion

This piece is already sold, but I really liked it so I thought I would share it.

It's made from a nice bamboo/wool sock yarn that was fun to work with.  I've posted a couple of the pieces that I used to make it.  These days I'm really enjoying working with tiny pieces to create larger works.

Sunflower Scarf WIP

A commissioned project.

Cotton thread

so far 8 cups of coffee have been consumed while creating this.  :-)

the sunflowers should standout against the background of sky blue flowers.

WIP updates

The background on the poppy scarf is coming along nicely.

Nearly done making pieces for the brown scarf.