Sunday, October 28, 2012

Soaring Wings virtual Half

I have a goal of running every half marathon in the state of Arkansas over the next 3 years. The Soaring Wings half in Conway is on my list so I did the virtual one this year. Will do it in person sometime in the next 3 years so I can cross it off. I love virtual races. Not that I need to be in a race to go that far, but it's just good motivation. The very first 5k I ever did was at the Hogeye in Fayetteville, AR. That's where I went to college, got married and had my first kid. My best friend still lives near there. She did it with me. Neither of us remembered those hills being as steep. Of course we were 20 and weighed a lot less. close to 200lbs less in my case. The EMTs were eyeing us suspiciously. I dared my friend to grab her left arm as we went by them and say "My arm sure is hurting" She wouldn't and I wasn't that brave either. Now I've done that race a couple of times, lost 150lbs and those hills are still high, but not as bad. The half at the Hogeye is the one I want to do first - next April. Because of that, I used my virtual race for The Soaring Wings as training. There is a hill nearby that is killer. I went up and down it 6 times. That plus the trip to and from the house made my race 13.3. They don't make a sticker for that distance so I will settle for 13.1. :-) Not the most exciting of courses, but it was good training. At least if my legs are supposed to feel like jello it was. Took me over 4 hours. I know that some people can do full marathons in that time, but I'm not there yet.  I didn't even try to run it, walked the whole thing.  While I can and do run distances - not back and forth up this hill.  I knew I would wear myself out if I didn't pace myself.

I did this hill 6x.  Maybe I should have planned my time a little better.  I had a 5k the night before, but it was warmer today, so I don't feel like it impacted me very much.

Now a couple of days off from running.  Or walking.  Or thinking about moving.  I wonder if I can convince the kid to do the housework and bring me a glass of water.  and an Advil.  Maybe a cookie!

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