Thursday, November 1, 2012

Motivational Savings

My daughters and I planned to do the Disney Princess Half in February.  Youngest has a band competition so we can't do that.  Luckily we hadn't registered yet.  After an hours worth of discussion with my oldest we found a mutual acceptable substitute.  She wanted Chicago, I wanted Wyoming.  She wanted places in the deep south during the summer - I wanted places much cooler.  What worked for both of us?  San Francisco in June.

It was important to her that we do it as a family - so it had to work with little sister's schedule.  As important was my lack of enthusiasm for our visit to Harry Potter World.  She wanted to see that as much as run the race.  I volunteered to fake it, but she wasn't having any of it.

But SF is good.  Both daughters have wanted to visit and I love it there.  Lived there as a kid back when there was still an Army base there.

I decided to put a little motivation into saving for fun money for the trip.

I have a large coffe cup shaped planter on my desk.  For the moment that's where I am throwing the money in.  When I reach 20 or so in change I will trade it for bills and set it aside.  I have quite awhile, so if I stick to my savings plan we should have a good bit of fun money on our trip!

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