Monday, October 22, 2012

Barefoot Adventures In My Hometown

I want to make some plasti-socks. Minimalist gear that is basically socks with rubber on the bottom.
So last night I head off to the big box hardware store for some of the plasti-dip stuff. No luck. He says try the automotive place.

I am not patient. Not at all. In years past I have seen this stuff at Wal-mart so I go there next. No luck, but they do have rubberized truck bed liner spray on stuff. Maybe it will work.

This morning I give it a try.

No, it does not work.

Not even a little bit.

Now I am going to head off to the store. It's about 3 miles to the nearest shopping center with an automotive place. 3 places within a mile of each other actually. I give the truck bed lined socks a go anyway. They last about 2 miles. Like I said, didn't work well.

I make most of the trip there barefoot, but I do have some Vibrams in my backpack for when I get to the stores.

Problem #1 occurs about 3/4 of a mile from my house. No crossing signal or crosswalk to get to the other side of main. But if you want to cross Hwy 71 at main you need to cross main to get to the crossing signal.

I go back east on Main for a bit until I get to a less busy area and then cross. Sans signal since the closest signal is 1/2 a mile down the road from the hwy.

Now I encounter problem #2. Seems the northbound access road does not have sidewalks or much of a shoulder. I use parking lots most of the way and when I can't I walk the 3 feet of space between traffic and a 4ft deep rock strewn, rainwater filled ditch. It's important to note that sidewalks come from the neighborhood and end at the access road. From there you are on your own! Luckily the shoulder gets to be about 6 feet wide as I get closer to Truman.

No signal at Truman but it is easy to cross.

No luck at any of the 3 autoparts stores.

Then I decide to go to Ace. I cross Blue Ridge which has a signal.

Problem #3. The crossing signal is timed to allow for 10 seconds to cross a 4 lane road with a turning lane in the middle. I'm not making this up. I ran and was not quite across by the time the light for the traffic changed!

Problem #4 The sidewalks along Blue Ridge. Sometimes they were great. Sometimes they would stop and start up again on the other side of the street. I didn't cross back and forth - no crosswalks anyway. I just kept going through the grass - and based on the wear, so do most people.

Found what I was looking for at Ace. Headed back across Blue Ridge and went through the shopping center.

Problem #5. Glass. I had taken my Vibrams back off because they are not the classic style and that's the only style that doesn't make my toes feel cramped. This is the reason I want to make Plasti-socks in the first place. I had to put them back on in the shopping center because of all the broken glass. I know it's mostly empty and dying, but I don't know how the realty company thinks they are going to rent any spaces out if they don't clean it once in awhile. Didn't go barefoot again until I reached Sam's Club. They keep the parking lot very clean.

Problem #6 was of my own making. Loose fitting tunic is NOT the thing to wear on windy days!! Blew up high enough to show my bra a couple of times. I finally just tied it. Looked a bit funny, but stayed in one place.

Also of my own doing was the silly notion to SHOP when I had to walk home. by the end of mile 4 I was feeling that extra 15 lbs in my backpack!!

Headed on down 15th to main. Then I realized it was almost 100% downhill from there. That felt nice! I was tired.

The crossing signal at main and 71 is great. You have almost forever to get across. Shame it's the narrowest place i had to cross in the entire trip.

Found my way back across main and then into my neighborhood.

Home, tired, but I got my 6 miles in.

And more importantly I have my plasti-dip to see if I can make this sock thing work.

More hilly that I thought. Didn't have my gps on, so this isn't 100% accurate. Doesn't account for the time spent wandering around in stores - which was not insignificant.

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