Friday, March 7, 2014

Pipsqueak Yarn

Bernat's Pipsqueak yarn isn't new at all.  I've had some in my stash for years.   That's actually why it's on my mind.  Right now I am going through my stash trying to sue stuff up.  The pipsqueak yarn I have is mostly giant balls, so going through that will make a real dent in my overflow of yarn.

I love working with it and I hate working with it.  It's so lush and soft and wonderful - especially crocheted.  It's nice knitted too, but the density of crochet really brings out the plushness.  All of that wonderful makes it a NIGHTMARE to work with sometimes.  Trying to figure out where the hook goes for the next stitch can be a pain in the rear.

Is it worth the headache?  Yep.  I adore the stuff I make with it.  I've started using the little bits left on the end to make eyeglass cleaners.  Just crochet it into a circle or square and you're done.  It's the perfect yarn for that.  When there isn't enough left for that I'm adding the tiny pieces to my bird nesters.  (Suet boxes with yarn in them for birds to use) Now some little baby birds will get the cuddly softness too.

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