Friday, March 7, 2014

Leftover bits of yarn

Every person I know who knits or crochets has little bits of yarn left over.  Sometimes it's only inches.

I do this with some of mine

Just put it in a suet feeder and set it out as nesting material.  I've tried other ways of putting it out, onion bags work well, but I didn't care for a braid made from old plastic bags.  Held onto water and made the yarn yucky after a rain.  Drainage is important.    So it cutting the yarn into pieces 4 -6 inches long so that it won't tangle up around any wild life.  I tend to cut closer to 4 inches, though some is already shorter than that when I start.  There's not usually much left over after weaving in and trimming.

However much I enjoy seeing yarn in nests, there are only so many birds and they never use all of the yarn so I don't need 2 dozen feeders full of yarn  in my bushes.  That leaves more yarn that I could just toss - I guess.   ......Probably not.  Like most crafters I have a pack rat personality .   Some people knit these glorious tiny tiny little creatures - like these

That is never going to be me.  They are amazing though.  Google tiny knitted or do a Pinterest search for the same - some wonderful creations out there.

So what do I do with little bits of yarn?  Mostly I save it for stuffing.  Things like dog or cat toys where the quality of the stuffing isn't as important as with people toys or pillows.  I have also used it for packing material.    Now I'm curious  - What do you use your yarn scraps for?

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