Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finger Knit Braided Scarf

I got tired of playing with thread last night and decided to work on a scarf.  I have not done much with finger knitting in the past, so I decided to give it a try.

It's superfast.  I think it took me less and an hour and a half to make this scarf - even stopping to take pictures.

It's a braided scarf, so you need to make 3 pieces the same length.  Even making three skinny - 70 inch long scarves, it took less than an hour and a half.

I used some Loops & Threads Country Loom that I had left over from an afghan - took most of a skein.

Finger knitting is a lot like using a loom, only your fingers are the pegs.  It's something lots of people learn as children.  I didn't, but that's what I hear.  Start by weaving the yarn in and out around your fingers.   I'm right handed, so I wove on my left hand.

Than go back, so that you have yarn on both sides of your fingers.

Repeat so that you have two rows of yarn on your fingers.

Then bring the bottom row up and over the top row and off of the fingers.  That leaves one row of yarn.  The piece will build up on the back of your hand.

Repeat the last two steps, wrapping and pulling over until you have a piece that is a bit longer than you want the finished scarf to be. 

When you have your desired length, don't bind off.  Bring a piece of yarn through all 4 loops and then tighten and secure it.

Make 3 pieces the same length & braid them together.

Secure the ends and add fringe.

That's it.  You're ready to wear or gift it!

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