Thursday, January 2, 2014

Easy Chunky Snowflake Scarf

Chunky Snowflake Scarf

I know snowflakes are not traditionally blue, but the motif reminds me a bit of a snowflake and I had chunky navy blue yarn - so I just went with it.  Artistic license and all.


2 skeins super chunky yarn.  I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick
1 skein contrast color in a medium weight yarn..  I used I love this wool in variegated blues

Size N hook

Make 8 of these (or more if you want it longer) in the chunky yarn.

Connect them in a row at the top two picots and the bottom two.  Treat each motif like a square with 4 sides.  Connect two, leaving two open.

For the side edging you will work with two strands held together.  The chunky yarn and the lighter one.  

Leaving 4 picots unworked one on a side, the two bottom ones and one more on the second side, attach the yarn to the last motif in the row.  

work sides as follows

Between two picots on same motif, chain 7 and sc in next picot.  
Between two picots on adjoining motifs, chain 4, triple crochet into connection picots, chain 4, sc in next picot

After working both sides, add fringe to the 4 picots left unworked on each end.  I’m not writing up a tutorial on making fringe when so many people have done a much better job than I could.  Here’s a link to instructions.  Lots of photos.

With the chunky yarn and large hook, this scarf comes together pretty quickly - great for last minute gift giving.

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