Monday, September 16, 2013

One Million!!

This morning I passed one million steps counted on my fitbit.

I likely could have met this milestone awhile back, but I lost the darn thing.  Whatever...I'm thrilled to get to that mark and look forward to getting 2 million steps counted.  I've changed my goal, to 15,108 steps a day.  An odd number - but after adjusting for my stride length - that's how many I need to get 6.2 miles in a day.  Today I'm happy to announce that I'm going past that.  I've been chasing my daughter all day.  Trying to stay number 2 on my friends list.  Working on #1 - but Jeffery has some long runs in and it's going to take some work to catch up with him!  

Add me if you use fitbit!

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