Friday, September 27, 2013

Morning 5k

I frequently do a route that I refer to as my local 5k - it's 3.2 miles, so close enough.  Today it might as well have been 30 for how hard it felt.  Not that I have ever run 30 miles, but today even 3 was killing me.

why?  Well, I have been working hard lately, so I'm a little tired.  I was a little sick yesterday.  Mostly though, it was not being well enough hydrated.  I don't always take water with me for 3 miles, but I also often do it in the early morning hours where there is no sunlight.    Today was closer to 9am and I felt the difference.  I got dried out quickly and it showed in my speed and stamina.

Came home and drank some water then ate the chia seed pudding (chia, coconut milk & protein powder) plus had one slice of the deli chicken for salt.  I love the chia pudding because it's filling and as I digest it all that liquid is released to help keep my hydrated.

Lesson learned - hopefully.  Next time I'll take the small camelbak and likely have a much better run.

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