Sunday, September 1, 2013


I know a woman who did her first 10k this weekend.  She's all happy and posting her bling on facebook.  But I don't think she actually did the entire race.  For starters - her pace was suddenly 3 min a mile faster than her best pace ever and she even set a personal record for pace.  all of that would be fine if she hadn't confided in me that she hasn't really run in three months and had gained quite a bit of weight because of that.  Also, when I looked at her time the 5k split was blank.  Everyone else had a time there, but she didn't.  Why?  I'm positive it's because she didn't make it to the halfway point.  I think she turned around and then went on to get her finisher medal.  She's all happy about her new PR, but it's meaningless - as is her shiney new medal.  At  least to me it would be the same as buying a medal.  It wasn't earned, it was just gotten.  I don't think I could do that.  What's the point.  The point to me is to train and accomplish a goal - of finishing a 10k in the required time.  Not to blow off training, walk part of the race and then get a medal anyway.

doesn't really affect my life and I won't say anything.  But I have to admit that I will be looking at her in a new light and I wont' trust her as much.   If she's willing to lie so publicly about something like this, what else will she happily fudge the truth on?

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