Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Diva Dash - KC 2013

OMG it was cold!  When spring is going to hit KC I have no idea.  Feels like never!  But it didn't snow until hours after the race so we didn't skip it.

I did walk it so that my asthma wouldn't act up - which resulted in a very slow time.  On a bright note it was better than the last time I was on this course.  That was last fall with the Mustache Dash.  I had a gout flare up that morning but I gave it a go anyway.  My ankle felt ok - for the first mile anyway.  After that it was very slow and very painful going.  My memories of this course being hard and awful were apparently heavily influenced by my gout.  This time around it wasn't so bad.  And I was at least 10 min faster than my last time.

Walking turned out to be good in one way.  I wore this fabulous
 wig for the race.  Turns out wigs get hot!  I wanted to take it off before I finished,but a sweaty me in a wig cap crossing the finish line was not a picture I wanted to ever be available online, so I toughed it out.  Eyelashes stayed on the whole time with no problem.  I was a little worried that they would fall out.

The girls had a great time and everyone loves the bling.

Then later that night we got this
4 or 5 inches of yuck.  But I am thankful it held off for the race.  Can't wait to do this one again next year.

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