Friday, March 22, 2013

I should get a tattoo

I should get another tattoo.  Not just any old bit of ink.  I think that all tattoos should have meaning and significance.  I am working on a fundraising project and if we reach our goal I will get a tattoo drawn by Tara herself. 

Tara who?  Tara is an 8 year old, the daughter of a girl I went to school with.  She isn't feeling so hot lately and is facing a lot of chemo.  70 weeks worth!  That means mom and dad are facing medical bills I can't even imagine.

so I thought I wold help if I could.  Click the link to see the fundraiser.

if we raise the whole goal, I will get a tattoo that Tara gets to draw.

Donate if you can and even if you can't - sharing the link is a huge help!


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