Friday, November 30, 2012

Virtual Race - It's gonna happen!!

The clinic is on board and I have assembled a group of people to work on it with me - so this is going to happen!

The team consists of

Susi - organizing.  She'll keep track of who's registered and where to mail their stuff.  Put that M.P.A. to use
Tyler - graphic design.  I do not have the skills to come up with a cool shirt and medal.  But he does!
Angie - publicity and sponsorships.  She's good with this kind of stuff.
Me - marketing,  tracking down sources for the shirts, bibs etc.

We're all good with enthusiasm.  :-)


  1. Is your Sorta Birthday 5k going to be the virtual race? I'm interested! What is the cost?

  2. The Sorta Birthday 5k is a virtual one. There are two options, free - just for fun, or you can participate in the fundraiser which is $20 and you get a personalized trophy. At the top of the page are tabs, the birthday race tab is the last one.

    There's a link to the facebook page and registration for both options.

    Money raised will go to help fund lunches for those kids caught in the middle between too much income for free and not enough income to pay on their own.