Monday, December 3, 2012

Working out however I can

I have the attention span of a crack addicted flea.  So it's good when I can find a new way to get my workout in.  Workouts can be found all over the place in daily life.  This time it came disguised as firewood.

I ordered a half cord of firewood and decided to have them dump it and I would stack it around back.  Save a few $$ and give myself a little exercise.  Didn't turn out to be a little!  I'm glad I didn't google how heavy a cord of firewood is before I decided to move it all myself!  It's about 1000lbs

I was feeling that the next day!  Glad that I didn't have to move it more than 100 feet.  But I did it, and got it stacked.  Now the part of my brain that forgets is already saying "No problem!  That was easy, let's do it again!"

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