Monday, March 19, 2012

Vest workout

I wanted to finish this vest today.  Mostly done - have to reinforce the arm openings and then do some serious blocking.  I also wanted to get some working out in.  Combined the two.  Did a row and then did 30 seconds on the treadmill at 12%.  30 seconds isn't much but over the course of the day I did 50 min.   Because I knew I would be right back to my work, I could set it aside for the short bursts of activity.  By the time I got halfway through the decreases I was only taking 2 min breaks between 30 runs.  (And I did run, put some effort out) By the time I was done decreasing I was taking 90 second breaks.  In the end I got an ok workout. Not the sustained type I might normally go for, but this was what worked for me today and it did keep me from sitting still for too long.

And I am two skeins of yarn down this week out of my goal of using 10.  I have way too much yarn and need to use some up before I can even think about buying more.

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