Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Things

I love to knit and crochet larger items like blankets and clothing - but it's had to get enough of those done to fill up an etsy store.  And it does leave me with quite a bit of bits and pieces of leftover yarn.

Using those up by making little things.  Like the peace sign and poppies.

The yarn bits that are too small for projects are going to become bird nest material.  For the moment I have stuck them through a braid made from a plastic shopping bag.  I'll pick up a suet feeder tonight and start putting them in that.  Will look something like this. (not my picture, found it on google)
our places has a ton of birds, and it's spring, so I'm sure the yarn scraps will go to good use.

Still hopping on the treadmill after each row.  With the flowers that is sometimes more time on the treadmill than crocheting.  Did put in some dedicated fitness time with a dvd this morning though.  sustained heart rate and all that.

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