Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reflections on milk and coffee

Recovering from yesterday's workout.  Glad different muscles will be the focus today.  How do those people who do the same class/video every day manage?  My body would just shut down if I decided to do another core workout today.

Got my order from Coffee Fool in.  Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   I ordered Bessie some Banana Nut.  I love Coffee Fool.  Great product, fast shipping and excellent customer service.  I get all my flavored coffees from them.  The regular beans are good too, but I tend to get those locally.  Dunn Brothers, Roasterie and the Coffee House at City Market.  Roasted here in Kansas City, usually a day or two before I buy them.  The Roasterie makes their mochas with Shatto Chocolate milk instead of syrup.  Makes all the difference in the world.  So good you'll forget any other place even has a mocha.

Shatto is a local dairy with a focus on the community.  I like the people (I've met them at the City Market) and I LOVE the product.  If you've only had chocolate milk from a plastic jug try some from a local place.  If you're near Kansas City, pick up a jar of Shatto.  If not, look for a small, local dairy in your location.  I never really thought of chocolate milk as anything except something made with syrup or the stuff in the plastic jug.  Shatto changed that for me.  Now I can just taste the factory farm in the other stuff.  I'm going to miss them a lot when I move.  Will have to find a new dairy out in CA.

Even though I love that milk, I still can't have a lot.  Chocolate milk is still chocolate milk and I still can't afford the calories.  Luckily the more I workout the more I can control my appetite.  I get  hungry, sometimes a LOT hungrier than when I'm not working out, but it's real hunger.  And I seem to be able to tell the difference more when I am working out as opposed to sitting and confusing boredom hunger with real hunger.

*******************public workout log*******************
p90x core 45 min approx.  The dvd is longer but I had a LOT of breaks because I am not ready to keep up - YET

Cardio Barre.  30 min.  Fun and I love the way I have better posture after this kind of workout.  Sort of reminds my body how I should stand.  consequence is that Bessie suddenly looks shorter.  She hasn't shrunk, is still 4'11", but I'm not slouching so she seem shorter.  Really I'm just standing up better and am closer to my actual height.  Given that I am not quite 5'3", I probably shouldn't slouch.  LOL

treadmill, 12% incline.  My goal was 40 min, make it 20, felt like 60.


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