Monday, February 20, 2012

My butt - it has been kicked

Tried P90X  Everyone raves about it and I finally gave in and decided to be a sheeple and give it a go.

I am tired.  Feel good, but am tired.  I was not able to do all the reps of any exercise, but I hung in there and did what I could.  Got a good sweat worked up. Kicked my rear but I am looking forward to day 2

After a rest I did Cardiobarre.  Also intense, but low impact.  Fun too.  A lot for one morning I know, but I get up early and it seems like a good use of my time.  If it proves to be too much, I'll back off.  I'm all too familiar with the overtraining leading to injury scenario.  I guess in my case it was too much after an injury, but same concept.

Working on Chi Running this week.  Have not tried it yet and today is supposed to be full of thunderstorms so it sounds like a tomorrow thing.  For now I am following the loosening up exercises in the book.  Did them a lot this weekend and feel pretty good.

***********public training log***************
Saturday - 20 min on the treadmill 12% incline

Sunday - 1.25 mile walk.  To the store and back carrying stuff


I have slightly less than 8 weeks until the Hogeye 5k.  One day I will do the half and eventually the whole 26.2 marathon.  Not ready for that yet.  The hills in AR are killer.  I'm just hoping to beat my time over last year.  Donna and I actually came in last in 2011 but we still beat our 2010 time by 9 min.  We thought for sure that we were going to have missed it by 10 - 15 min since we had not been last in 2010.  Turns out the people slower than us just decided not to do it last year.  Donna's goal it so not be last this year.  My goal is to take 10 min off of our 2011 time.

Kiddo is at a friend's house this morning so I don't have anyone to fix a fancy breakfast for.  But her being gone last night meant I was albe to fix pork chops without complaint.  Pretty much the only meat she will eat is hamburgers (not fixed by me) and chicken.  Sometimes bacon.  So when we had lemongrass salmon - she had a mini pizza.  When we had steak - she had a sandwich.  Kid is missing out.  At least she's old enough to get her own food instead of just complaining at me about the lack of edible stuff on her plate.  We also had brussells sprouts last night.  Love them but kid won't touch them.  Never stops me from fixing what we like, just makes me feel bad that she won't join us.

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