Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Thoughts

This movie theater is in Magnolia, AR.  That's where my grandparents lived.  I used to visit them in the summer when I was a kid.  Back then (70s) there was only one screen and my grandmother used to drop my cousin and I off to see the matinee on Saturday.  We always always always sat in the balcony.  Today I can't imagine a scenario where I would drop kids that young off on their own at the movies.  Times are very different.  I miss that sometimes.  I think today kids get so sheltered that they lose all sense of independence.

To my friend who has the silly notion that she is not pretty.  Seriously, do you own a mirror?  You're hot.

One of the reasons I like running.  I love to cook.  I like to eat.  Running makes that possible.

My tattoos.  first one says No Doubt, No fear.  Try to live my life that way.  Fail sometimes, but try, none the less.  Second is a work in progress.  Each little star represents 10lbs I lost.  (15 if you want to count them)  The shooting star you can't quite see is for finishing my first race.  I will add a few more yellow stars and a couple more shooting stars as time goes on.  This one is on the back of my right leg.  Seemed like a good place until he started outlining the part of the sun that goes slightly behind my knee.  That part was pretty darn hard to sit still for.

***************Public exercise log********************
P90X cardio yesterday.  Not as awful as I was expecting.  Still couldn't keep up, but wasn't as far behind as I figured I would be.  I know the program is for people in better shape than myself, but I just tone things down to my level and give it my all.  So far I'm kind of loving it.

Cardio Burlesque.  My daughters both say they never ever want to see me doing this one.  It's fun though.

treadmill 12% incline 20 min.  Didn't keep track of my speed.  Just had the goal of surviving 20 min.  

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