Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post Valentine's Day

Monday is snowed.  Yesterday the snow melted.  Today we have rain and tomorrow sun.  Friday is predicted to be almost 60 with lots of sunshine.  I will go to the lake and get some miles in - despite the trail surface.  I really don't like what they've done to the longview trail.  Some sort of kitty litter like clay and when it's wet, it can get slick.  Only in places where the clay has washed into a pile, but if you don't see one of those places coming you could feel like you're on ice.  Pulled a muscle (not badly) the last time I went out there in the wet.  Didn't notice the patch of clay and hit it wrong.  Didn't fall, but pulled a muscle in my thigh while keeping my balance.

Today is February 15.  Lots of people are out buying cheap chocolate.  I'm not going to be one of them.  I don't crave chocolate much anymore but if it is in the house I will eat it.  My daughter is allergic, so there's no  reason to buy it for her and I figure if my husband wants it he knows where the store is.  Although it is tempting to go out and get cheap sweet-tart hearts.  Not the icky sweetHEARTS candy, but sweet-tarts in the shape of a heart.  I do love sweet-tarts, in any form.  Good thing for my diet that I don't have a car today.  Gummi Bears are another candy trigger for me.  Eat one and I'm likely to finish the bag.  Just easier to keep all of that out of the house.

Instead I'll work off the calories I want to eat.  That leaves me feeling as good as a chocolate coma.  And is a longer lasting high too.

************public exercise log**************
Yesterday I did 20 min of yoga
30 min of resistance training
attempted to hula hoop for 15 min.  Never quite succeeded but I got a lot of motion in while trying
The short workout on the Pussycat Dolls dvd.  My oldest daughter says she NEVER wants to see her mother doing anything with the name Pussycat Dolls in the title.  Shame because I think I finally found a dance workout I can do.  I'm uncoordinated as heck.  When I do the bellydance dvds I look like a camel having a seizure.  Never stops me, I just look funny.  This one I was able to keep up.  We'll see how the longer one goes.
"4 mile" walk from leslie sansone video.  Not sure if I'm getting an actual 4 miles in, but the routine does keep me moving at a brisker pace than I sometimes do on my own.

I'm a geek.  This makes me laugh

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