Friday, February 17, 2012

Manual treadmill

I decided to get a treadmill because my schedule has my days so busy and the 24 hour fitness is forever away.  Grandview has a wonderful gym at the community center, but it's become harder and harder for me to get over there.  Then I priced treadmills.  For that amount of $$ I could pay for the gym for 2 years!  A manual one caught my eye.  Inexpensive and easier to move.  That's an important consideration with our move to CA coming up in a few months.  Not a lot of information on manual treadmills out there.  And what there is isn't super positive.  But the things listed as negatives are not things that are important to me.  For instance - easier to keep speed up because the belt keeps moving.  when I am running outside I stop moving when I stop running so that's not a problem.  And while the treadmill does give me a faster speed when I am ON THE TREADMILL I have not fount it to translate well into outside running.  The increased exercise gives me more speed, but the treadmill is easier.  Cost is a huge factor.  No motor equals cheaper.  But I wanted something I could run on and most manual treadmills are not equipped for that.  I did find one and decided to give it a chance.  Glad I did.  At 75lbs it's heavy enough to deal with, I can't imagine trying to handle one of the motorized ones that are 200+ lbs.  More importantly it does what I need it to do.  I've only done 2 miles on it but I didn't find it hard to get started (a common negative comment) and the ride was smooth enough.  Not as smooth as a big electronic one, but it worked.  I did a combination of running and walking and it felt pretty good.

another report in a few more miles because two just isn't going to give me a real feel for the thing.

I also got some Newtons.  I prefer minimalist shoes but after my hip injury (a truck backed into me while I was walking across a parking lot) I have a hard time in my much loved vibrams.  I still can't handle regular shoes- especially the stability ones always suggested for me based on my weight.  They make my knees and hips hurt. I thought Newtons might be a happy medium.  I do use Nike FreeRun+ and I love them.  My favorite walking shoes.  I've worn out 2 pair so far and am halfway through my third.  They do wear out faster than a more solid shoe, but I've gotten 400 or so miles out of each pair, so it's not that bad.  That's with a combination walk/run.  Anyway, back to the Newtons.


Did a mile outside and 2 inside.  A happy 3 miles.

Again, another report in a few more miles.

My life isn't entirely about exercise.  I've also been working on my slipper project as well as making myself a poncho.  I'm a bit under halfway done with the poncho and I'm going to use the same pattern to make a shower curtain.  Put it over a liner of course.  The poncho is in blues, greens and browns.  The shower curtain will be more tropical with yellow, medium blue and white.  Pictures when I get more done.

Public exercise journal

Yesterday was mostly a rest day.  Did some resistance bands and then I got my shoes in so I had to give them a whirl.  Did a mile run outside.

So far today I've done 2 miles on the treadmill and have a bit more planned.


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