Monday, February 13, 2012

I thought we got off a bit too easy this winter...

Granted, compared to many other areas we are still getting off easy, but (imagine whiny voice) I didn't want it to snow.  I don't like snow.  I wish the snow would just go away and never come back.  Wait, that's why I am moving to Monterey,  CA.  I just wish the snow would go away and only come back after I've moved.

So today, like yesterday I will keep my exercises confined to the inside.  some yoga, some dance, some pushups and sit ups. Really need to work on the situps.  Better core strength equals better running.  And I've had 4 c-sections.  Situps after having your muscles sliced in half are not so easy.  The first time I tried I said "I'll just do 10 and then if I can manage it I will try some more later".  After several minutes of straining I managed 1/2.  Took me awhile to work up to 1 much less 10.  Was quite the blow to my ego.  Still can't do as many as I would like, but I'm working on them more regularly.  Mostly crunches but every now and then I just get in the mood for an old fashioned workout and do push ups, jumping jacks and situps.

These are the first pair of slippers I made for donation.  As I said previously, basic, easy on, easy care slippers.  I love working with "good" yarns, but things for donation need to be made in something that can be tossed in the washer and dryer.  The edging is from one of my favorite books.  #55 and the reason I bought the book.  I'm going to try several of the other ones out on future slippers.  Nice touch and gives me a chance to experiment a bit.


  1. In terms of core workout, pilates exercises have proven to be great for strengthening the core. Pilates has become quite popular in recent years, and you may be able to find classes in your area.

  2. I love pilates but they don't offer a class at the close gym and my schedule is a bit hectic to travel much right now. I do have a few dvds and follow along as best I can. Prefer an instructor though. Hopefully after we move and get settled I will be able to attend classes again.