Sunday, February 12, 2012

Slipper Project

This year my charity project has supposedly been to make hats for kids, but I've never gotten it done.  My difficulty starting might mean that it's the wrong project for me.  I think instead I shall make slippers for people in nursing homes.

Easy slippers like these.  Easy to make.  Easy to get on and Easy to wear.

And warm.  Warm is important.  Easy is too.  I've worked as a nurses aide and time can be so limited that if something is hard to put on, we'll grab something else for the patient.   Will help me use up my yarn stash too.

My cookies from last night.  Just some basic oatmeal/raisin cookies.  Must be good, Dan has eaten at least half a dozen of them so far this morning.  I can't try them out because there is flour in the recipe and I didn't have any gluten free flour on hand.  Next time I'll use some gluten free so that I can have some too.

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