Thursday, September 1, 2011

No choice

I paid my entrance fee to the race.  I bought the plane ticket and I have made hotel reservations.  That basically leaves me with no choice.  I WILL get out there and get ready.  That is simply too much money to throw away by not doing anything.

Today I upped my distance.  I've quit timing myself.  Too easy to get focused on the lack of progress with the time.  So for the moment I am working on getting the distance in.  Then as my muscles get stronger I will focus on the time.  I've started pushing myself to get longer walks in and adding more running.  Well meaning friends tell me that I'll do it when I'm ready. They are wrong.  The only way to go further is to go further.  My body goes 2 miles and has learned to do that but it doesn't want to go 3 miles.  When I reach that 2 mile point my body thinks it is time to go home and that next mile looks very very long.  The only way to do it is just to do it.  Despite the tired.  Despite the aches.  Despite the desire to do anything else.

So today I did it.  It didn't feel good but I did that extra mile.  Will do it again tomorrow and the next day and so on.  When this mile feels good I'll add #4.   Maybe my friends aren't wrong.  I will do it when I'm ready.  The trick is to realize that I am actually ready instead of waiting until it seems like it will be easy.

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