Saturday, September 10, 2011

Middle school nightmares

One of the standard jokes I make while working is...
What's the meanest creature on earth?
Answer: 7th grade girl. 
Gets a laugh from both parents and siblings.  Mostly because it's not really a joke.  They can be horrid. Especially to each other.
My youngest daughter is now in 7th grade and I watch the drama unfold from the safety of my forties.  It started in the locker room because that's where it always starts.  Two girls of the queen bee variety started to tease one of my daughters friends.  Told her that she was fat.  she's not but most girls that age are convinced that they are fat and need to diet.  this was the second week of school.  Going to make for a long year.
Another friend also gets teased.  This one is drop dead gorgeous.  At 12 she is already one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.   But she still has the same insecurities as any other 12 year old.  The mean girls go after her out of jealousy but she's too young to see that.  She just hears the awful words and snide comments.
So far my little one has been spared, but she has spent some time in the office over the teasing.  She knows she will never be in trouble at home for doing what's right.  So she missed part of class to go with the first friend and report the bullies.  She also told them to shut up.  My question is why does a 12 year old have to be the one to say that?  Why are the adults so afraid to do the right thing?  The adults told the bullies and their victim the same thing - get along and I don't want to see you back in the office. 
And the bullies haven't stopped.  They keep picking on the girls they have decided to marginalize.  So monday I do the right thing and make a call to the principal.
And there isn't enough money in the world to pay me to go back to middle school!

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