Monday, September 12, 2011


I get asked why a lot - I have a bit of a different life style so that's not unsurprising.  Usually it's said with a look of curiosity.  Except when it comes to running.  A lot of people will ask Why with a look (and tone) that implies all sorts of negative thinking.  They can't stand even the idea of running so I they don't get how a fat chick like me would be interested.

The short answer is easy - Because I can.  There was a time when I couldn't.  Before that I was one of those people who make the face and used the tone.  Running seemed like an awful waste of perfectly good lounging time.  It's true that you don't always miss what you have until it's gone.  One day I realized that I couldn't even waddle fast anymore, much less run.  It was then that I started missing the idea of running.  I hadn't been running but always knew I could if I wanted to - only that wasn't true anymore.

Then I started getting healthier.  I exercised using the elliptical machine and some walking at the track.  I was making progress when a friend told me to try running.  He was right.  I only managed a few steps but I was hooked big time.  I could run and that made me feel like I could do anything.  It was an amazing feeling.

In the end I always say that running saved my life.  Diets are hard.  Weight loss is hard.  Keeping any of it off is hard.  Running is easy.  Not physically.  Especially after my hip injury.  What I mean is that mentally, running is easy. When something is really bothering me or I am really fighting those cravings - I can head out the door and run/walk until I am in control of myself again.  Nothing helps me stay in control like the act of physically moving forward using my own muscles.  Nothing clears my mind like that form of exercise.  Anyone who says you can't run away from your problems has obviously never tried actually running.  LOL  Admittedly the problems will probably still be there when you return home, but I find myself in a much better frame of mind to deal with them.  And some do resolve themselves when I take myself out of the situation and hit the road.

I'm not fast and I still walk most of my distance and lots of people would not call me a runner.  Most of them would be the same types of people who go to the gym just to be seen.  The people who actually run are so very supportive of any effort I make.  Some of these people run very long distances (think longer than a marathon)  and are many are very fast.  They don't look at me or my times and treat me differently.  To the contrary - they are encouraging, supportive and seem genuinely happy about my efforts.  It's a really wonderful thing.

So answer to why is that I do it because it's fun. I do it because it makes me feel like I can do anything.  I do it because I have support.  I do it for the race t-shirt.  I do it for a lot of reasons but the simple one is still the most true.

I do it because I can.

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