Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kansas City - City Market ...The rules only apply to some

I have noticed a trend at the market.

See this guy

That's Mark.  He's very talented and this is his favorite spot to perform.  He's manage to "randomly draw" this same spot for 5 weeks now.  The odds of that happening are 1 in 248000 (husband is getting PhD in statistics, he did the math for me).  Mark is a VERY lucky  man.  Maybe he should play the Lottery.

See this guy?

That's Glen.  He's a paid vendor on Saturday's but on Sunday he gets to set up and vend without paying.  He's not working for tips, he's selling.  

And even if he were acting as a busker one of the reasons we were given for charging face painters and balloon artists was that the people get something so in effect we are vending.  Is Glen only letting them watch him draw without giving them the paper?  If they are getting something then even if he worked for tips, Deb Connor's logic would dictate that he is vending.  Of course he has a set price so he's just out and out vending.

Why do some performers have to draw for a spot and take what they get but others get to have their favorite spot cherry picked for them?  Why do some people who are vendors on Saturday still have to pay to be there on Sunday?    

Seems like rules should be the same for everyone.

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