Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Busy weekend

I love what I do, but by the end of a busy weekend I am EXHAUSTED.

That was the case this weekend.  It's a good thing, means we are earning money and it's a happy exhaustion!

I started off on Friday with a school carnival.  It was a slow start at the event but once it hit it was non stop.

The next day I had a gig with a chiropractor and then an after prom.  This is the first of those that I have worked.  The teens were so creative and it was a blast! I'm going to market heavily to those next year.  I enjoyed myself a lot, even if we didn't get home until 3:30AM

Sunday was another 2 hour long gig - all of them were this weekend, 2-4 hours.  This may not seem like a long work day, but during a 2 hour gig I burn about 600 calories.  It's a great workout if you're doing it right.  Dancing and playing, squatting down and being silly.  It takes a lot of energy and I can be sore the next day.  If this trend keeps up this summer I'll be at my goal weight in no time!

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