Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Loose Infinity Scarf - Knitted Version

Size 11 needles
Size 6 needles

225 yards of a lightweight yarn.  I used Silken Effects by 5th Avenue.  Using a large needle gives the scarf a very loose light body.

cast on 150 stitches with size 11 needles
Work 3x3 rib for 6 inches
bind off loosely

Fold the scarf in half lengthwise matching up the ends a to a and b to b then give it a twist and match corners a to corners b

sew the ends together

you now have an infinity loop

for the small gather strip
cast on 12 with size 6 needles
work 3x3 rib for  20 rows
bind off

sew the strip together in a tube around the scarf.  I position it to hide the seam where the scarf ends were sewn together.  It's also great for tucking an end under for an alternative look to just wearing it looped.

Wear it long or looped

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