Monday, February 10, 2014

Promises to myself

I enjoy creating stuff.

I enjoy sharing the patterns.

I do not enjoy trying to figure out what I've written.

Or which notebook I've written it in.

Last week I promised myself to only use ONE notebook and to label each page with what I'm writing about.  I have not figured out what to do about the chicken scratch my handwriting turns into when I'm in a hurry.  Only so many changes can happen at once!

My efforts have been helping.  The shrug I'm working on has good notes with rows labeled and everything.  :-)  I'm excited about finishing it and sharing the results.  It's a circle shrug in a light (3) bamboo/silk blend.  I don't wear them because they make me look pregnant, but I think it will look great on my daughter who doesn't have a tummy to deal with.

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