Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ripple Infinity Scarf

Ripple Infinity Scarf

This is an easy scarf that lets you show off lots of color.  It’s great for using up half skeins.  Wear it in a loop for a scarf or wrap it around for a cowl.  


medium weight yarn.  I used Simply Soft in 5 colors.  You can use however many colors you wish, I think odd numbers work best for the pattern.

Size H hook.

There are only two rows to the pattern, the starting row and then all the other rows are row 2.

It’s the color layout that gives the scarf it’s pattern.

You alternate between doing two or four rows in each color.

Color A - 4 rows
Color B - 2 rows
Color C - 4 rows
Color D - 2 rows
Color E - 4 rows

Then you’re back to color A which gets two rows this time.  Make the scarf as long or short as you wish, just be sure to end with the opposite number you started on.  In this case I would want to work another repeat so that I end with Color E on 2 rows.  That way when I sew it into a loop I don’t have 2 sets of 4 rows or 2 rows next to each other.


Chain 34

working in back loops only

Row 1 (foundation row) 2Sc in the 2nd chain from the hook.
*sc in next 7 chains
Sk 1 chain  (downward point)
sc in next 7 chain
3 sc in next chain  (upward point)
repeat from * across.  On the last repeat you end with 2 sc in final chain

Row 2 - ?  
Chain 1 for turn
2 sc in first sc
* 1 sc in next 7 sc
sk next 2 sc  (downward point)
1 sc in next 7 sc
3 sc in next sc (upward point - this is the middle sc of the 3 in upward point from the row below)
repeat from * across ending the last repeat with 2 sc in final sc

Work row two in the color pattern.  When you have the length you want fasten off the last row leaving enough of a tail to sew the ends together.    Bring the ends together in a circle, then turn one end so that you have a twist.  There really isn’t a front and back to this scarf, but let’s call them side A & B.  When you sew them together you need side A up on one end and B on the other, so only give it one flip, don’t turn it again.

Stitch the ends together and weave in all those bits from color changes.  For me this part took the longest, but mostly because I hate it and left the scarf in the UFO pile for several months.

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