Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nice Scarf - made even better by who it's for

I think most crafters are like me - we don't' make things for ourselves very often.  It's fun to just give things away, even though we deserve snuggly goodness too.  Sarah over at Mommy in Pieces  broke the habit and not only made this cool scarf for herself - it has a matching hat!  (click on her blog to see the hat)

Way to go Sarah!

I think my mini goal for the last week in January will be to make something for myself.  


  1. I never thought about making anything for myself until last month. I have made scarves for friends, a Christmas stocking for my sister, baby blankets for my niece and cousin to be born soon, and many other things. when I made a scarf for myself I felt wrong. Well time to go make more things that will end up in the shop I am going to start at some point

    1. It's always fun to make things for other people. I get excited to give them away and it makes me happy. That parts fun, but it's also fun to wear something I made. I don't do it often enough. I think most crafty people don't, which is why I was so happy to see Sarah break the mold. We all deserve beautiful, handmade things too. :-)