Saturday, January 18, 2014

Me - Elsewhere

I'm working at getting back on track.  It's hard.  I stumbled in my exercise program and getting my mind back in gear is harder than my body.

I've been doing ok, but not as much as I could.  Today I read a very moving post

Sean put his information for facebook, my fitness pal & twitter on there.  It's good to have support and for me it's good to be accountable.  

My mini goal for the next week is to sign into my fitness pal and log my food/water/exercise every day.  I already use fitbit to track my general movements, but I do need to track my actual exercise.  If I don't have to write it down, sometimes it's easy to skip.  

A little goal but it keeps my accountable.   I'm also going to start back with My Daily Mile - that's next week though.  One thing at a time.  

So me in other places.  Add me if you're so inclined.

My fitness pal

Facebook - banners are to the left side of the screen.  Personal is Stacey Lynn (there are a lot of us, my profile photo has me & my youngest in it)  Pages are Will Run For Coffee (I do love coffee)  Shouldn't Say That & Balloons R Fun

Twitter - @ohwowballoons


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