Friday, January 24, 2014

Home Gym

I have quite a bit of home gym equipment.  Thrift stores are a great source.  Eventually people get tired of using things as clothing racks and they donate it.  Got a nice rowing machine for $14 and a bike for $10.  Problem is it's in the basement and that's now well heated.  Normally I can tough it out, but this winter has been brutal - so my weekend project is to move it all upstairs.  I refuse to be one of those people who owns gym equipment and doesn't use it.

By my project I actually mean - I'm going to direct and have my husband and possibly my son move stuff for me.

I have an excuse.  I banged up my knee the other night.  It's really put a damper on my doing much.

 The swelling is down and lot although it still isn't quite knee shaped yet and the skinned part has scabbed over - so I'm definitely healing.  Can't do squats yet and I'm for sure not lifting a treadmill.  Admittedly I wouldn't anyway.  That's why I have a 22 year old son who only lives across town.  Have one that's 21 but he lives in New Mexico, so I can't exactly call him for moving stuff.

But my knee will heal and my gym stuff will be out of the arctic basement - so in a week or so I'll be going at it on a regular basis!

Just in case you were curious about how I hurt my knee - it's a sad sad story.  I wanted to refill my water bottle before bed because it gets so dry in the winter with the forced heat.  I know this house, I don't need to turn on a light.  That wold be true if I had put my photo props away before bed.  I tripped on the corner to a wooden shutter.  Tried to catch myself on the baker's rack, but only succeeded in bringing a rain of coffee mugs down on my head.  Luckily none of them broke and neither did my head.  Landed on one knee, twisted the toe that hit the shutter because my slipper got caught.  lay there trying to figure out how to get up.  Couldn't put weight on my toe or my knee.  With all the crashing - only the dogs came to see what was up.  Lassie they are not.  None of this running to get help stuff for them.  No, they just looked at me for a bit and then decided it was on the floor waiting for them to lick me.  That did prove helpful because it was motivation for me to stand up and get away from them.  I'm not a fan of being licked in the eyes under the best of circumstances.

Injuries were not as bad as I thought at first - but that didn't stop me from holding it over the husband and teenager who didn't come to see what was up.  I could have been attacked by a sasquatch and they wouldn't have noticed.  I was told that we don't have those in this part of Missouri, but that didn't help their case any.

I'll let them off the guilt train once they move my gym equipment.  :-)

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