Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Floors - Finally

The stairs in my house are too short to count as a floor.  I live in a split level, so there are only 7 or so stairs between the living room and the upstairs.  It's not the 10ft difference my fitbit needs for me to get a floor counted.  The distance from the garage to the living room isn't enough either.  Same with from the basement to the garage.

So get my floor counted I have to start from the basement and go all the way to the bedroom level.  WITHOUT too much pausing coming from the garage door into the living room.  That's where the hangup was.  And when I get to the top I still need like an inch (I guess) because unless i give it a little hop the floor still won't get counted.

Add the dogs in as an obstacle and it can be kind of a challenge.  Challenges aren't bad though.  :-)

Yesterday I alternated between the needlework, stationary bike & doing two floors.  I am working on a toddler dress that is composed of little squares so I would make two, do two miles on the bike, make two, do two floors.  I had a lot of errands to run in the afternoon, so I didn't get more than my 10 floors in and only 12 miles.  My goal for today is 25 floors because I want that next badge.  I like my badges.  I also need my first lifetime floors badge.  Closing in on 750 miles too.

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