Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bolero/shrug/vest pattern in progress

I used the center part of the motif from today (Dec 29) and am working on a pattern for a bolero/shrug/vest type of thing.  It's been a little slow going because everytime I think I have it just right, it turns out I have it exactly wrong and I have to redo whatever I am working on.

This is the back.  I only have a couple of the fill in motifs done, but they go fast and won't take much time when I get to them.  I did some so I could see if those are what I wanted.

I used the motif from Dec 29 up until the rounds of 11 sc.  It has 8 loops, but it really 4 sided, so I treated it like a square.  The motifs are attached at the 6th stitch of the 11sc section.  I'm doing it as I go, because I dislike having a pile of motifs that have to be sewn together at the end.  Too often those projects don't get finished in my world.

It's bright, happy and the second one won't take nearly as much time!

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