Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend wrap up

My exercise is still on hold.  Being a 46 year old woman with mono kind of sucks!  I'm more active, but still get exhausted easily, so long runs are out of the question.  I did manage to work this weekend.  Wore me out, but was worth it.

I have a year's worth of balloon scraps that I have dedicated myself to using up.  Started by making this to set up where I am busking.

Got lots of attention and it was fun to see the reaction of people when they walked by.

I went out early because Sunday was the 25th Trolley Trail run.  Lots of people out and about all morning.  Wore my Newtons

I have several pairs, usually wear the purple ones to work, but these were right there and I was feeling lazy.  :-)  One of the great things about wearing them on Sunday was meeting and talking to all the other Newton Runners.  Saw one guy in a Newton shirt and New Balance shoes.  he and I spoke for quite awhile about shoes and running.  I love runners.  such a fun group.

The kids were great too.  So excited about having done the kids race.  Many of them gave me full recaps.  It was great.  I wish I gotten into racing at that young of an age.  Makes me glad my daughters discovered the joy so much earlier than I did.

however much fun the weekend was it left me super tired.  Today I have been just dragging, but am finally up and about.  Now I can take advantage of the wonderful weather we have.  Still no running, but I will get in a nice walk.  moving is better than sitting still.

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