Friday, December 7, 2012

Patterns by Sunday!

I have been working on patterns, including some free ones I will post here.  I actually have them written out - on the computer post it note things.  I'm just easily distracted and have not put them into a form I can share.  But everytime I turn on the computer and see the little digital post it notes, I get the uncomfortable "I should have done that ages ago" feeling.  So to make it go away I am going to put them in long form and post at least some of them by Sunday!

A new baby bootie - f ree
Infant hat - free
Hippo hat to match my hippo booties pattern - paid
small over the shoulder pouch - free
Easy Christmas garland - free  This one may have to wait until I get my tree up so I can get a good picture.

Stay tuned!

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