Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Sorta Birthday 5k

This one is NOT the big one with a shirt, medal and all sorts of organization.  This is just a fun thing I am doing to celebrate my birthday.  I will have a free option or the option to participate in the fundraiser and get a trophy for $20.00.  Each trophy will be personalized with the name of the participant.  I have ordered a sample and will post a picture here when I get it in.  Registration will open on my birthday - Dec 21.  The race is officially Feb. 5, but people can do their runs anytime between Feb 1 - 8 .

Why am I holding a birthday 5k sometime in Feb when my birthday is in Dec?

Because nobody ever has time to celebrate with me in Dec.  This year the Myans have taken over, but most years it's just so rushed with everyone getting ready for the holidays.

This year I turn 46, so 46 days after my birthday is when I am choosing to celebrate.

Join me!

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