Friday, October 12, 2012

Turkey Call Craft

This is a work in progress.  Next week I am hope to do a better job with the images and actually finish a decorated one.   But while I'm testing, why  not share.  This was always one of my favorite crafts to do with my younger Girl Scouts - Daisy/Brownie aged.  I learned it from another scout leader in Texas and it's perfect for a November meeting.

Plastic Cup
acrylic yarn
construction paper and stapler for decorating. (not shown in this one - on the list for the finished project)

Cut a hole in the top of the cup

Cut the sponge into smaller pieces.  I like to cut it the short way across and then use half of that.

Cut the straw into a length that will fit across the top of the cup.

Poke the yarn through the hold with most of it down into the cup.  The yarn should be fairly long - you can trim it later.

Thread the yarn through the straw and then tie it back to itself.  This will keep it from slipping back down into the hole.  Of course I forgot to photograph tying it off - add one more to the list.

Tie the other end to the sponge.  Leave a minimum of 6 inches coming out of the cup bottom.  Longer is better with little hands.

Then you can decorate it which isn't shown here.  I used to let the kids trace their hands onto construciton paper and we used that for tails.  I pre-cut turkey heads for them to color.  They I would staple them all in place.

To make the sound you get the sponge damp, fold it over the strong up as high as you can reach and then pinch it in place.  Drag it down the string in a jerky fashion.  It makes a turkey call.  The video is dark but should give you an idea.

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