Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back on my feet

Gout was hard and recovery has taken longer than I had hoped, but I am finally back to exercising pain free.  At least for short distances.  First day 1 1/2 miles.  Hip felt like it was on FIRE.  The limping had aggravated an old hip injury.  About 1 mile into it the ankle joined in and hurt too.  Second day hip felt sore after 3/4 mile.  Ankle got sore, but wasn't too bad.  Did the route again that day and still a bit sore, but speed was improved.  This morning - hip was stiff but not sore, ankle felt fine.  Impromptu 1 mile a few min ago - no problems at all.  Going out for another 1 1/2 mile this afternoon. If that goes well I'll do longer distances tomorrow.

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