Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This week's patterns

Almost done writing up the rocket ship pattern which will be up for sale soon.  And I have a new kitty cat bootie.  This week's free pattern is going to be a pancake scarf.  I'll have that up tomorrow.  I'm also going to post instructions on how to make a balloon dog.  I am a balloon artist after all.  and knowing how to make a balloon dog is good for everyone.  When you can do 3 or 4 basic balloons you are the hit of any class party.

And beyond all the pattern writing, I have managed to FINALLY get some training in.  Just a little and my ankle was sore afterwards, but unmanageable pain.  I'll do very short distances this week and add some more miles in next week.  If I am up to it.  diet is still under control, even though I did have a cotton candy binge yesterday.  I love the stuff.  Luckily it's mostly air so while I feel like I am eating so so so much, it's only 100 calories.

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