Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wonderful Coconut oil

I'm currently addicted to all things coconut.  I've always loved it but since I discovered the gluten free wonder of coconut flour I've been over the top hooked.  I already used coconut oil, though probably not enough. I've been using it more and more both to eat and on my skin.  The other day I found this online

Wonderful!  I don't know when the last time my skin was this soft.  I've used honey in the past.  I've used coocnut oil in the past.  Never combined them.  Should have and will from now on.

If you google coconut oil you will find a huge list of ways it's good for you.  So far most of them are proving to be true. 

Shoe update.

I don't know what the split toe of the Brooks PureCadence does, but overall I like the shoes.  Not my favorite and they could be a bit wider in the toe box, but after the first 15 miles they are pretty nice.  Flexible enough.  That's important to me.  I'm short and have to tip toe all the darn time to reach stuff.

Newtons.  I like the gravity quite a bit, but love the momentum.  I have 20 or so miles on each pair and they are wonderful.  I don't have sore calves or anything but that's because I have been doing the minimalist midfoot strike thing for awhile.  I didn't do the transition thing everyone says is so important, but it worked out for me.  Anyone going from regular shoes might find they need the transition period.

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