Monday, February 27, 2012

I got a Food Ninja last night.  I needed a food processor, hate my blender and thought this might be a happy medium.  I realize this is more than a tiny bit geeky - but OMG!!!!  It is so much fun to put food in an DESTROY IT!!!!!!!!!  Ok, not really destroy, but blend the heck out of it until it is smooth and wonderful.  I'm a Tim Allen "more power" kind of girl and this thing has all sorts of power.  If it weren't for the calories I would have had two smoothies this morning.  Now I am trying to figure out what I should make for dinner that involves chopping, processing or blending.  Gotta be something.  I just know there is.  I was going to have a nice roasted chicken, but now............

A couple of things I snagged from facebook.

This bridge was in Ansbach Germany.  You crossed the street from the base, to get to it and then across the bridge into the civilian world.  Someone posted that we brats lived in two worlds.  Crossing this bridge was to literally and symbolically step from one into the other.  Even though I have not seen it in 30 years, it makes me sad to know it's gone.  Ansbach was a wonderful place to live and I met people there who are forever etched in my mind and on my heart.  I realize the bridge was old and it was too costly to repair it, but still, it's sad to know a bit more of that world I loved is gone.

And just for fun

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