Thursday, January 9, 2020

WIP weight Loss throw

I'm trying to lose weight & take better care of myself. I was inspired by a redditor to chronicle my weight loss with yarn by making a blanket.  She does 3 rows for every pound. I decided to keep the 3 but make squares instead of rows. I need to lose a lot of weight & I will end up with a snuggly throw when I reach my goal.

3 blocks = 1lb lost

I'm using a yarn from my stash that I have plenty of. Caron Pantone in Peacock Blue. I love the way it feels but I hate the way it comes untwisted.

I'll try to post pictures after each weigh in. On weeks where I go the wrong direction (it happens) I won't take off any squares. Instead I'll mark them with a stitch marker until I get back on track.

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