Saturday, January 25, 2020

Motif A Day Jan 25, 2020

Double Layer Flower

Yarn you like and a hook that works with it.

Chain 5 & make into a ring

Chain 1 and then 12 SC into ring

Attach 2nd color in front loop of any stitch & chain 10

Slip stitch in same stitch and over to next stitch

Slip stitch, chain 10, slip stitch in each stitch around in front loops only. 12 loops

Attach 2nd color to back loop of a stitch. Chain 12. Slip stitch in same stitch.

Slip stitch, chain 12, slip stitch in back loop of every stitch. 12 back loops

Using contrast color slip stitch on front of middle circle at the base of the chain stitches.

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